Do you want this to be YOU ?


  • Take everything as a criticism and jumps straight to being defensive as your default mode. 

  • Are in constant fear of being traded up for a better partner. 

  • Need constant validation and reinforcement

  • Are not comfortable in your own skin. 

  • Derive your self-esteem from other people's judgment, not from yourself.

  • Seek constant reassurance that you are beautiful or handsome, valued and loved. 

  • Are clingy and needy which sucks the life from your relationships.

  • Problems are someone else's fault

  • Struggle to make real progress in life because you never take responsibility. 

  • Have abandoned your own life to merge with your partner

  • Discover the confidence you bring to each new day. 

  • Know who you are, and you are proud of who you are. 

  • Have the confidence to make a decision, create a plan, and follow it through

  • Own your own unique sexuality

  • Never expect others to guess what you are thinking because you make your thoughts known.

  • Never swallow your words because you’re afraid to rock the boat or disturb the peace. 

  • Confidence comes through in every aspect of your life making you completely irresistible.

  • Embrace new crazy adventures with an enthusiastic “Hell Yes”

  • Are honest, true, and beautiful because of Power, Confidence and Focused Mindset

  • Identify, clarify and create a vision for what YOU WANT

Is this YOU ?

 "Michelle is one of the most passionate and dedicated professionals that I've ever met. She truly changed my life when I started working with her. She knows just how far to push you and keeps you motivated all the time! I feel like a different person, energized, and confident. "


New York

 "Michelle is so fun and personable! I found her very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, funny, and super easy to work with. This is the first time I have ever had a coach, let alone a mentor.  I consider myself fortunate to have found someone that has changed my life in so many ways and I can call her a true friend!"



My Mindset Code

  • YOU know, an an empowered force, you have to own your sh*t - Don’t be a victim

  • YOU decide what you want to be and what you want to create in the world.

  • YOU love and honor yourself.  

  • YOU trust your intuition and you aren't afraid to own it.

  • YOU share your passions with the world as they are your greatest gifts and contributions to the planet.

  • YOU surround yourself with high-quality people who really see you, and support your greatest good.

  • YOU deserve to be met. If you aren’t being met in your relationships, do what you need to do to change it.

  • YOU take a stand for what you believes in.

  • YOU developed a relationship with fear

  • YOU have set a NEW standard, because anything is possible.

  • YOU fully understand that life is happening for YOU - NOT TO YOU!

"This will be your Mindset Code.  

This will be YOU!"

Let me give you FULL transparency as to

what you can expect in my Mindset Program:


  • Discover Your Voice with a 90-minute intimate Deep Dive Call with me.

  • Discuss our designed alliance where the mentoring relationship continually gives all the power back to you.


  • Define your vision.

  • Set challenging goals.

  • Create a plan of action to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Increasing authentic expression of thoughts, feelings, wants, needs

  • Ownership of emotional reactivity

  • Increasing mutual support, trust, safety around emotional vulnerabilities and intimacy

  • Developing skills, rituals, and practices for deepening emotional, physical connection, and fulfillment.


  • The LOA is and always will determine who and what we attract in EVERY aspect of our lives!

  • Every area of your life, your health, your finances, your business, and your relationships, are influenced by LOA

  • Become conscious of the truth that the circumstances of your outside world correspond with the nature of your inner world.


  • Identifying and eliminating YOUR limiting beliefs

  • Identification of life goals and needs

  • Clarify Vision, Requirements, Needs, and Wants

  • Personality assessment for traits, values, preferences, etc

  • Create the body you deserve

  • Develop a more passionate intimate relationship

  • Increase your income with the psychology of abundance


  • Balance and prosper in the most important roles we play… in your life’s work, families, business, sensuality, fitness, sexuality, spirituality, community, and as graceful and powerful leaders.

  • Understand masculine and feminine polarity and how they play out in intimate relationships.

  • Enjoy greater confidence, pleasure, and grace.

  • Appreciate and love yourself more completely than ever before

  • Speak your truth, and discover the power of your own voice

  • Express yourself authentically without fear

  • Expand your awareness, and create intimate loving connections

  • Discover what is most sacred and important to you in relationships

  • Embody the masculine/feminine archetypes that empower you to create the life of your dreams


  • I am completely focused on YOUR development, prosperity, and lifelong success.

  • Six Months of Weekly 45 Minute one on one coaching sessions

  • Six months of unlimited touch-base email communication