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Do you want this to be YOU ?


  • Take everything as a criticism and jumps straight to being defensive as your default mode. 

  • Are in constant fear of being traded up for a better partner. 

  • Need constant validation and reinforcement

  • Are not comfortable in your own skin. 

  • Derive your self-esteem from other people's judgment, not from yourself.

  • Seek constant reassurance that you are beautiful or handsome, valued and loved. 

  • Are clingy and needy which sucks the life from your relationships.

  • Problems are someone else's fault

  • Struggle to make real progress in life because you never take responsibility. 

  • Have abandoned your own life to merge with your partner

  • Discover the confidence you bring to each new day. 

  • Know who you are, and you are proud of who you are. 

  • Have the confidence to make a decision, create a plan, and follow it through

  • Own your own unique sexuality

  • Never expect others to guess what you are thinking because you make your thoughts known.

  • Never swallow your words because you’re afraid to rock the boat or disturb the peace. 

  • Confidence comes through in every aspect of your life making you completely irresistible.

  • Embrace new crazy adventures with an enthusiastic “Hell Yes”

  • Are honest, true, and beautiful because of Power, Confidence and Focused Mindset

  • Identify, clarify and create a vision for what YOU WANT

Is this YOU ?

"Michelle is one of the most passionate and dedicated professionals that I've ever met. She truly changed my life when I started working with her. She knows just how far to push you and keeps you motivated all the time! I feel like a different person, energized, and confident. "


New York

"Michelle is so fun and personable! I found her very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, funny, and super easy to work with. This is the first time I have ever had a coach, let alone a mentor.  I consider myself fortunate to have found someone that has changed my life in so many ways and I can call her a true friend!"



My Mindset Code

  • YOU know, an an empowered force, you have to own your sh*t - Don’t be a victim

  • YOU decide what you want to be and what you want to create in the world.

  • YOU love and honor yourself.  

  • YOU trust your intuition and you aren't afraid to own it.

  • YOU share your passions with the world as they are your greatest gifts and contributions to the planet.

  • YOU surround yourself with high-quality people who really see you, and support your greatest good.

  • YOU deserve to be met. If you aren’t being met in your relationships, do what you need to do to change it.

  • YOU take a stand for what you believes in.

  • YOU developed a relationship with fear

  • YOU have set a NEW standard, because anything is possible.

  • YOU fully understand that life is happening for YOU - NOT TO YOU!

"This will be your Mindset Code.  

This will be YOU!"

Imagine Your Life


Let me give you FULL transparency as to

what you can expect in my Mindset Program:


  • Discover Your Voice with a 90-minute intimate Deep Dive Call with me.

  • Discuss our designed alliance where the mentoring relationship continually gives all the power back to you.


  • Define your vision.

  • Set challenging goals.

  • Create a plan of action to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Increasing authentic expression of thoughts, feelings, wants, needs

  • Ownership of emotional reactivity

  • Increasing mutual support, trust, safety around emotional vulnerabilities and intimacy

  • Developing skills, rituals, and practices for deepening emotional, physical connection, and fulfillment.


  • The LOA is and always will determine who and what we attract in EVERY aspect of our lives!

  • Every area of your life, your health, your finances, your business, and your relationships, are influenced by LOA

  • Become conscious of the truth that the circumstances of your outside world correspond with the nature of your inner world.


  • Identifying and eliminating YOUR limiting beliefs

  • Identification of life goals and needs

  • Clarify Vision, Requirements, Needs, and Wants

  • Personality assessment for traits, values, preferences, etc

  • Create the body you deserve

  • Develop a more passionate intimate relationship

  • Increase your income with the psychology of abundance


  • Balance and prosper in the most important roles we play… in your life’s work, families, business, sensuality, fitness, sexuality, spirituality, community, and as graceful and powerful leaders.

  • Understand masculine and feminine polarity and how they play out in intimate relationships.

  • Enjoy greater confidence, pleasure, and grace.

  • Appreciate and love yourself more completely than ever before

  • Speak your truth, and discover the power of your own voice

  • Express yourself authentically without fear

  • Expand your awareness, and create intimate loving connections

  • Discover what is most sacred and important to you in relationships

  • Embody the masculine/feminine archetypes that empower you to create the life of your dreams


  • I am completely focused on YOUR development, prosperity, and lifelong success.

  • Six Months of Weekly 45 Minute one on one coaching sessions

  • Six months of unlimited touch-base email communication

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