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Anyone who knows me knows I love a good personal development conference where you have the opportunity to dig deep within yourself and grow as a person. So when I had the opportunity to attend Rachel Hollis’ Rise Conference in Dallas I decided to jump in and attend.

The funny thing with personal development, regardless of how you receive it, (events, books, etc.) the overall message is pretty much the same. The message is just stated a bit differently by whoever the speaker may be. The truth is, you only truly hear things when you are ready to hear them!

So I took notes at this conference like it was my job! I tried to capture and absorb all of the golden nuggets I possibly could. I wanted to share some key takeaways that resonated with me and maybe it will resonate with you.

  • ‘If it’s not challenging you it’s not changing you – we need to push ourselves and get uncomfortable. That is where growth occurs!’

  • ‘Slow down your Yes’s and speed up your No’s.’ This was pure gold. How many times do we say Yes because it is automatic and then beat ourselves up for saying Yes? Crazy right!!

  • ‘In life I never lose – I either win or learn.’ This is actually a quote from Nelson Mandela, but how true is this? As humans we tend to focus on the losses instead of realizing that a loss is just a loss if we define it that way! There is a different way of looking at things if we choose it!

  • ‘Just because you had some bad chapters does not mean that your story cannot end well. Change your pain to power – we have all been through tough times…use the pain to drive you!’

  • ‘Persistence means getting up and keep going when it is hard. When everything is going well, things are easy – it is when things are hard that we need to dig in and keep moving forward!’

  • ‘Applied knowledge is power! Knowing is not enough. It’s about doing – you must take action!’

….And I saved this one for last as it was like a gut punch when I heard it.

  • The reality is we don’t know if we will make it to next week or next month... so please don’t waste your life! We do not know how much time we have left, however, what happens if we intentionally made the decision to live life on purpose every day? Life is a precious gift and it is the only one that we get – why not make this one life extraordinary? ‘

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