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Are You a Procrastinator?

All too often we find ourselves getting in our own way wondering what did I actually accomplish today? You have the best intentions and a plan for the day and then before you know it you’re cleaning your desk, straightening the house, scrolling through social media sound familiar?

The bigger question is what to do when you start to notice that old pesky pattern of procrastination when it shows up?

-First order of business – remove any distractions from your environment

-Plan the day – identify the 3 most important priorities that will move you closer to your goals and set time frames for those priorities

-Schedule your most challenging priorities first

-Take breaks

-Share your goals with someone as a means of accountability – we do more when we are accountable to other people

-Just get started – we tend to make things bigger than they are in our minds

-Reward yourself!

Using these strategies on a daily basis will help you tackle procrastination and as you start to gain momentum and create new habits your days will be even more productive.

And remember you are NOT a procrastinator – procrastination is just a pattern that does not serve us and we get to update those patterns at any given moment in time.

Were these tips helpful? What are some tips that you use to overcome procrastination?


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