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Gratitude has a profound impact on our lives. Research shows that practicing gratitude consistently improves our mood, perspective, and overall well-being.

By practicing gratitude, we rewire our brains by training and directing our minds to focus on the positive. One of the simplest practices for gratitude is journalling. Each morning, as part of my routine, I jot down three things I am grateful for from the previous day, such as a kind salesperson, a walk with my pup, or quality time with my husband.

If you struggle to find things to be thankful for, here are some examples that may help:

- Enjoyable moments - a great exercise class, dinner with a co-worker.

- Everyday joys - a delicious cup of coffee, your favorite song on the radio.

- Special people - a call with a friend, quality time with your parents.

- Random acts of kindness - helping an elderly neighbor, paying the toll for the car behind you.

Take time to Incorporate gratitude in your life. Keep it simple, consistent, and witness the positive impact it has. Trust me, you won't regret it!


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